I am honored that you want to learn more about who I am and what I do. I'm AC, which is short for Andrea. I am a wife, a mother, an artist, and a lifelong horse and animal-lover. I grew up riding horses in Northern NM and moved to beautiful NY state in 2001. New York is where I was always meant to be. There is a rhythm to life here that I love, and the beauty of NYS provides me with a never ending source of inspiration.

My first taste of the photographic arts came through film photography in my teens. I spent a decade experimenting with film, but could never justify the ecological impacts of processing film to pursue it as more than just a hobby. In 2008, I made the permanent switch to digital, securing photography as my artistic medium and fueling my passion. Honing my skills professionally through horse show and event photography, I set my sights on testing my abilities in a more creative environment the following year. In early 2010, I began a year long photographic odyssey that would take me on a marathon of self-discipline. At journey's end, I emerged with a brand new perspective, a diverse clientele, and plans for an even more challenging project the following year.

Client Testimonials

While my background is firmly planted in the Fine Arts, I do not subscribe to any traditional school or doctrine of photography, preferring instead to push the boundaries of perspective, light, and methodology. It is this freedom, combined with boundless support from my family that has allowed my own unique style and perspective to grow. My work is organic and natural, and reflects my passion for the natural world.

I love what I do and feel that this is the most important element of who I am as a photographer and artist. I welcome anyone looking for a non-traditional photo session to contact me. I use ambient light almost exclusively and prefer outdoor lighting for my sessions. If you do not like being under lights in a studio environment, my sessions are a wonderful alternative to the conventional.

- Andrea



Regularly serving a 50-mile radius of Binghamton, NY. Greater distances available.

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