"Andrea has become the de facto official photographer of Painted Bar Stables. Since 2009 we have brought her to our stables to photograph our stallion, our foals, our students, and even capture the precious moments involved in some high profile events that we have hosted. I wouldn't trust anyone else to capture the essence of what our stables is and means to our clients. She is easy to work with, creative, and flexible. She truly understands the animals that we photograph and how to capture them in their best spirits. She interacts with people of all shapes, sizes and personalities to make them look, but more importantly FEEL their best. Everything about the experience is professional, fun and convenient. I would strongly suggest making Andrea and her photographs a part of your business, your events, and personal memories."

Erika Eckstrom, Owner
Painted Bar Stables
Burdett, NY


"If you think, “I’m not a rich horse owner. I can’t afford it,” never fear. Andrea’s rates are so modest. If you *are* a rich horse owner, you can’t get photos of this quality at three times the price. Andrea is gifted with an artist’s vision that transforms locations you see everyday into magical places. She puts her subjects at ease, both animal and human, so they look their best. And she’s always up for trying whatever crazy idea you have for your pictures (like turning your horse into a unicorn). Even if you’ve always hated being photographed, Andrea makes it so much fun that once you’ve done one session with her, you might start making up excuses to schedule another."

Lyn Gerry
Watkins Glen, NY


"In my ten years as an opera singer, I have worked with many photographers and A.C. Jacobs is, hands down, the best. Her work is original, creative and full of personality. She is always calm on the day of the shoot and listens carefully to all your requests and concerns. My headshots get routinely complimented by casting directors and I am thrilled with them! You can see her lovely work on my website at: http://www.kathleenjasinskas.com/media/ Thank you, A.C.!"

Kathleen Jasinskas, Soprano


"As a horse person, you always envision beautiful pictures of your steed and take about a million pictures hoping for that ONE that is amazing... yet, it never seems to work out. That's where Andrea comes in- she has that eye that us common folk only dream of. So, when you're on the wall considering whether or not to pay the money for a professional picture or not; do yourself a favor and take solace in the fact that your end result will be better than you could have ever imagined. This lady works miracles."

Dana Doty, Owner/Trainer
SpotLight Equestrian Center
Coconut Creek, FL


"I've had the pleasure of knowing A.C. Jacobs for several years. She is an amazing person and has an incredible gift for photography. Her composition, her technical skill and her artistry are unique and make her work truly stand out with an almost otherworldly flair.

I have had the pleasure of being a model for her with a "cosplay" shoot. My experience was wonderful and the resulting photographs are truly outstanding. Her creativity and spontaneity allow her adapt to any shooting situation-- our challenges were an outdoor shoot with high winds, changing lighting, and a small time frame. She was able to use both the winds and the lighting to her advantage.

A.C.'s easy going nature means that the shoots are fun and relaxed and even when under pressure, never ever rushed. I cannot recommend her more highly as a professional or praise her more highly as a human being"

Danielle S.
Binghamton, NY


"Dear Andrea,

Thank you so much for doing the first family portrait we have ever had done with myself and my children. I have never been the kind of person who thought much of keepsake photographs. After seeing pieces of your work, I decided to splurge and have portraits made with my children. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with that decision. Not only do I have a beautiful keepsake of my children, but the rest of my extended family is extremely jealous with the quality of the results we achieved. I look at the portrait everyday and think how lucky I was to find so talented a photographer to make it an enjoyable experience for all of us."

The warmest thanks from all of us,
Alan S. and family
Binghamton, NY


"It is so hard to find a good photographer that has it all, but I found one by accident. She is flexible, easy to work with and does amazing work. Andrea has it all! I know that my family portraits are in good hands and I will have memories to last a life time. I recommend A.C.Jacobs Photography to everyone that is looking for pictures. Smart and funny and relaxing to work with!! Andrea will always be my pick for photos I need!!"

Kristy D.
Binghamton, NY


"Are you looking for a professional photographer that will capture the essence of the moment? Then look no further than AC Jacobs. She truly brings out the best in every photo. It's like her photographs bring her subjects to life right before your eyes. Andrea is truly an amazing, talented artist."

Sylvia C.
Dundee, NY


"Andrea is affordable, professional, and a blast to work with. As a mother and animal lover, she knows how to get the best out of the most difficult subjects. Her work shows the personality of her subjects- whether they be furry, crawling, or slithering! I'll never forget watching her tromp through the snow, equipment in tow, to get the perfect shot of a timid Highland Cow. She has an eye for the best shots and plenty of ideas to make the session fun, but is also humble enough to ask her clients what they want. I highly recommend AC Jacobs to anyone who has a dream of a perfect picture, but needs an artist to make it a reality."

Allie Taisey, Horse & Bug Lover @taiseybug
Ithaca, NY


"Andrea has the inborn ability and perfected skill to capture the power of the moment in her photographs. When I look at one of her photographs I'm transported to the time and place it was originally taken, as if I'm experiencing the moment in real time."

Marlene G.
Equine Therapist
SpringHaven Counseling Center

Wooster, OH


I am owner of Willow Brook Kennel and I raise Labrador Retrievers. Let me tell you firsthand that it is not easy to get a "Great" shot of a Labrador. So, I leave that task to Andrea. She has driven out here to my kennel 3 times now to photograph my labs. It is always a pleasure to have her come for a photo shoot. She just has a way of being able to get that "Great" shot. Whether it's photographing the younger ones or capturing a special moment with one of the older dogs, she does it. She wastes no time getting the prints done up for me and at a most affordable rate too.

Thanks Andrea and Best Wishes,

Lori Lambrecht
Willow Brook Kennel
Harpursville, NY


"I had never had professional photos taken before, and A.C. Jacobs' professional yet easygoing attitude immediately set me at ease. Her creative nature allowed my good features to shine in the photos while completely negating my flaws. A.C. Jacobs' esoteric and provocative artistry speaks for itself and is worth every penny."

Sara C.
Henderson, NV


"Andrea is very professional and patient. Having her into our home to do family photos was a new experience for my kids, and now they can't wait for her to come back!! Everyone comments about how beautiful our pictures turned out, and I completely agree. She does amazing work!!!"

Deanna A.
Endicott, NY


"A.C.Jacobs is my go-to for horse photos. She is an experienced handler and will go right to the action when other photographers would hug the fence. Our horses have spunk and like to play, and she walks right up to my herd with zero introduction and holds her own while getting the shot. If this doesn't speak for itself, I don't know what does. If you don't have her take your pictures you're a fool."

Jamie K.
Binghamton, NY


Andrea, you have saved us again! Our pastures were a wreck this spring and I couldn't get anyone to come out and take pictures of our sale horses. You not only came to my rescue but made our horses look fantastic and not like furballs (don't know how you did it!). We're definitely having you back this summer when they're show ready.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Barbara S.
Hawleyton, NY


"I have always been in awe of AC's talent to capture the personality of the animals she photographs. I bought my first print from her 3 years ago and have added several more since then. They are works of art, but so reasonably priced that it doesn't put me over budget to also give them as gifts."

Laura W.
Portage, WI


"Doing a boudoir-style photo shoot is not the most comfortable situation, but Andrea was extremely professional and relaxed which put me at ease immediately! We had a great time and the work that came of it is absolutely stunning; I've really never felt more beautiful or confident. The boudoir photos (and all of her others!) are a great expression of Andrea's wildly creative artistic abilities and undeniable talent, especially when it comes to bringing out the best in who she is working with. I'll have these timeless photos for life, and have her to thank! Oh, and she'll definitely be doing my wedding (if I can convincer her!)."

Maryam A.
Binghamton, NY


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